Portuguese Water Dog

Personality:The PWD is an “A” student: Affectionate, athletic, and adventurous

Coat & Grooming:Soft, thick, and nonshedding, the coat can be either wavy or curly

Energy Level:Very Active; On land or in the water, the spirited PWD will always keep up

Originally: Portugal

Nicknames: Portie, PWD

Size: Medium

Meet the Portuguese Water Dog

​There’s a good reason the First Family now has two of these gregarious, loyal dogs. The Portuguese Water Dog is super-smart and very “biddable”—meaning he’s easy to train and eager to please. The Portie can be groomed in two styles: The retriever clip (the entire coat is clipped to one inch in length, with the tail tip at full length) or the more check-me-out lion clip, where the coat on the hindquarters and muzzle is clipped down to the skin.

What's Their Story?

​The Portuguese Water Dog once lived all along Portugal’s coast, and was used to herd fish into nets, retrieve lost tackle, and act as a messenger between ships and shore. Fishermen counted on the strong and muscular dogs to be hardworking and seaworthy. They would ride in trawlers from the warm Atlantic waters of Portugal to the freezing cold waters off the coast of Iceland. Technology eventually laid him off from his job, but Porties are still used for water rescue.

What are they Like?

​Have you ever met someone who is basically happy doing anything? The Portie is the canine version. Being intelligent and alert, he picks things up quickly, and loves showing off what he’s learned. So when you’re heading out the door, he’ll give you a penetrating, expectant look, plumed-tail wagging, and you won’t be able to resist bringing him along. Kids, animals, other dogs: The PWD welcomes them all. As his middle name suggests, water is the Portuguese Water Dog’s favorite place to be—as long as you’re there, too.

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