Great Pyrenees

Personality:Calm, patient, smart; strong-willed yet affectionate

Coat & Grooming:This large, thickly coated breed requires regular brushing

Energy Level:Somewhat Active; Not a particularly active dog, but these big guys need their exercise

Originally: France

Nicknames: Pyr

Size: Large

Meet the Great Pyrenees

​Frequently described as “majestic,” Pyrs are big, immensely strong mountain dogs standing as high as 32 inches at the shoulder and often tipping the scales at more than 100 pounds. These steadfast guardians usually exhibit a Zen-like calm, but they can quickly spring into action and move with grace and speed to meet a threat. The lush weatherproof coat is all white, or white with markings of beautiful shades of gray, tan, reddish-brown, or badger.

What's Their Story?

​Pyrs were bred centuries ago to work with shepherds and herding dogs in the Pyrenees Mountains, the natural border between France and Spain. The Pyr’s job was to watch the flock and deter predators, whether wolves, bears, or livestock rustlers. Their innate patience came in handy when sitting atop a freezing-cold mountain for days on end with nothing to do but look at sheep. Their courage when defending the flock is legendary.

What are they Like?

​Not many American Pyr owners use their dogs to guard sheep. Pyrs are today mellow companions and mighty guardians of home and family. A good Pyr is never aggressive. For them, violence is a last resort. They prefer to stand their ground and “worry” away intruders. Pyrs love kids and bond tightly with their human flock. Independent thinkers, Pyrs must be trained with patience and kindness. Have we mentioned yet that the Pyr is among the most beautiful of all large dogs?

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