German Shorthaired Pointer

Personality:friendly, smart, willing to please

Coat & Grooming:The short, sleek coat is an easy-keeper; ears need regular cleaning

Energy Level:Very Active; Like most pointing breeds, GSPs thrive on running and exercise

Originally: Germany

Nicknames: GSP

Size: Medium

Meet the German Shorthaired Pointer

​Male GSPs stand between 23 and 25 inches at the shoulder and can weigh anywhere from 55 to 70 pounds; females are smaller in height and weight. The coat is solid liver (a reddish brown), or liver and white in distinctive patterns. Built to work long, hard days in the field or at the lake, GSPs are known for power, speed, agility, and endurance. The overall look is often described as "noble" and "aristocratic."

What's Their Story?

​German hunters spent generations crossing various breeds until they perfected this versatile gundog sometime in the 1800s. They were so successful that, to this day, GSPs are among the top-winning breeds in competitive hunting events. Famous for their beautiful movement and great scenting ability, GSPs are used to hunt all kinds of game. And with their water-repellent coat, they work as well in water as on land. No wonder GSP lovers call their dog the “perfect pointer.”

What are they Like?

​GSPs make happy, trainable pets who become firmly attached to their family, especially kids, and want always to be at the center of things. Their dark brown eyes shine with enthusiasm and friendliness. GSPs are always up for physical activity like running, swimming, organized dog sports—in fact, anything that will burn some of their boundless energy while spending outdoors time with a human buddy. This eager breed does best with regular exercise, positive training, and lots of love.

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