Personality:Go look up the word “spunky.” We’ll wait. Did you see a photo of a Dachsie? We thought so.

Coat & Grooming:There are three coat types: smooth, wirehaired, and long

Energy Level:Somewhat Active; A moderately active dog, but his intelligence means he gets bored easily, so it’s good to keep him busy

Originally: Germany

Nicknames: Dachsie

Size: Medium

Meet the Dachshund

​Chances are you’ve already met a Dachshund — how can you miss them? With their long, low body, short little legs, velvety ears, and vigilant expression, Dachsies are one of the most recognizable breeds around. They come in two sizes: standard (about 16 to 32 pounds) and miniature (11 pounds and under), and three coat types. So many combos to love! Because of their long back, don’t allow them to jump from heights; even furniture may be too high.

What's Their Story?

​The Dachsie’s personality is the result of his original job: “Dachshund” means “badger dog” in German, and he was bred to enthusiastically dig his way into a badger’s den to hunt them. His long and low body made this job easier for him than for other dogs. Badger dogs go all the way back to the 1400s, and the Dachsie, as a specific breed, has been around since the 1600s.

What are they Like?

​You should always choose a dog based on what he’s like, not what he looks like, and the Dachsie’s unique physical appeal easily becomes the focal point. Luckily, he is as much fun to live with as he is to look at. But because he was an eager hunter, he can be a bit stubborn and sometimes wonders why you’re not onboard with his plans. It’s hard to stay in a bad mood with a Dachsie around—his upbeat, curious, and friendly nature is contagious.

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