Bernese Mountain Dog

Personality:Good-natured and calm

Coat & Grooming:The Berner’s long and silky double coat requires regular brushing

Energy Level:Not Very Active; Berners aren't exactly up-tempo, but they do need daily exercise

Originally: Switzerland

Nicknames: Berner

Size: Large

Meet the Bernese Mountain Dog

​A hardy dog that thrives in cold weather, the Berner’s intelligence and strength originally helped him perform work on the Swiss farms. Today, this versatile breed enjoys playing sports and spending time with his human companions. Although Berners will get along with the entire family, they'll often become more attached to one lucky human.

What's Their Story?

​Berners are farm dogs that originated in Switzerland and are named for the Canton of Bern (a Swiss state). Their large, sturdy frames and calm, confident attitude made them perfect for the jobs of pulling carts (which they still like to do today!), driving dairy cattle, watching the farm, and acting as companions to farmers. In the ’20s a Kansas farmer brought a pair to the United States, which kick-started their popularity in America.

What are they Like?

​Adult Berners are mild-tempered, and at 80 to 100 pounds can be described as “gentle giants.” They love outdoor activities, like hiking or even pulling young children in a cart. In the home, they tend to be relaxed, quiet, and affectionate and are eager to please their owners. As long as they are properly exercised, they don’t often bark or act out.

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