Basset Hound

Personality:Patient and low-key; a bit stubborn but always charming

Coat & Grooming:The Basset’s short coat requires minimal grooming but should be brushed regularly

Energy Level:Not Very Active; Bassets are not the most active breed but do need regular walks to stay healthy

Originally: France

Nicknames: Basset

Size: Large

Meet the Basset Hound

​The Basset Hound has such a distinct look—a short, low-to-the-ground body with big, hanging ears—it’s no wonder it has inspired several cartoon characters (including one named, you guessed it, Droopy). But its incredible hunting instinct and scenting abilities are what first earned this breed its popularity. As pets, Bassets are extremely patient (especially with young kids who tend to yank at their ears when not supervised) and easy to train, and despite their plodding pace, they do well at various dog sports.

What's Their Story?

​Basset Hounds were originally bred in France by monks who combined a variety of hounds to come up with a low-slung hunting breed that could track rabbits and deer. Their incredible sense of smell and persistence in following their noses made Bassets a popular choice with French aristocrats who enjoyed hunting on their vast estates. Bassets were brought to America by the Marquis de Lafayette, who gave a pack of the hounds to his good friend George Washington.

What are they Like?

​Easygoing, laid-back, and even a bit lazy, Bassets are great family pets. They aim to please but prefer to work for food, so owners should keep treats on hand while training. Also, don’t be offended if your Basset ignores you—the breed’s high intelligence comes with a tendency to be stubborn. They’re happy to snooze the day (and night) away, but need regular exercise to prevent excessive weight gain. Long daily walks with lots of interesting new smells are on their wish list.

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