While most of us enjoy a cup of Joe in the morning, what happens if our dog sneaks a sip?

According to AKC Family Dog columnist Caroline Coile, a lap or two from your mug likely won’t cause any problems. But the story changes if your dog gets into coffee beans or grounds (or tea bags), which can cause caffeine toxicity. Symptoms include increased and erratic heartbeats, elevated blood pressure, elevated temperature, and seizures or even death.

If your dog gets into your coffee, contact your veterinarian immediately as your dog’s size and weight will determine if the amount he consumed is toxic. Also, in general, avoid leaving coffee within a pet’s reach, especially if it is flavored with milk and sugar, which can make the otherwise bitter drink attractive to dogs.

Take note of other products that include caffeine, such as energy drinks, energy supplements, and certain medications, including diet pills.  

Print out this chart of foods that are safe and aren't safe for your dog to eat. 

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