Seeing your dog having a seizure is terrifying, whether it's an isolated incident or from a condition like epilepsy.

We asked Dr. Jeff Grognet, a veterinarian practicing in British Columbia, Canada, and a columnist for AKC Family Dog, for tips on what pet owners can do during the seizure. Always speak to your veterinarian if you suspect your pet has had a seizure.

1. Keep yourself safe. Seizuring dogs can bite without warning.
2. Do not pull the tongue. Dogs don’t swallow their tongues.
3. Using a hind leg, pull the dog away from furniture and stairs.
3. Cover with a blanket to reduce the light and turn down sources of sound.
4. If the seizure continues, put an ice pack on the spine at the back of the ribs.
5. For transport to the hospital, use a blanket like a hammock to keep the dog and you safe.

Here see Dr. Grognet demonstrating his tips and offering more advice: