Remember how much you loved your toys when you were younger? Well, puppies are no different—and to a puppy (and most dogs), anything can be a toy! Here are some things they can and can’t safely play with.

  • Bones: Your dog will love them, but some can break apart (especially cooked ones) so make sure you supervise when giving him any real bones.
  • Hard rubber balls and chew toys: These are a great —you can even find versions that are hollow and allow you to hide treats inside of them. Or ones with slots that you can pour homemade treats in and freeze them! 
  • Knots of thick rope: Great fun for your pooch.
  • Squeaky rubber toys: Your pup might love the look and sound of these, but they might tear them apart and swallow them, so again, make sure you supervise when enjoying these playful plastic items. 
  • Soft toys with foam stuffing: Not so good! Consuming the foam stuffing can be toxic for dogs, and we all know how easy it is to tear one up! Be careful with these. An alternative is to look for brands that sell soft toys without the stuffing.

The most important thing of all is for your puppy—and you—to have fun!