There is no room for misbehavior on walks.


In fact, there’s not much room for anything.


He always seems to think he’s smaller than he is.


Asking someone to take him on a bathroom break for you always gets this reaction.


Anyone who doesn’t know you have dogs thinks you’re a sociopath.


When your annoying Chihuahua-owning friend suggests you use a lint roller to get the fur off the furniture, and you’re like...



Nobody sells Halloween costumes large enough so every year you're forced to be creative.



The face you make everytime some jokester says, "Hey, you got a saddle?" 


Trying to keep a puppy off the ground before vaccinations are complete? Prepare to look completely insane. 


Displays of affection come at a cost. 


But you, more than anyone, know what they say: Big dog = big heart.