This video is a sobering reminder for anyone who has ever doubted the validity of a service dog when the handler’s disability isn’t visually obvious.  

A woman who lives with epilepsy recorded how her seizure-assistance dog helps her. The dog, named Poppy, gave the owner, Shannon, a warning to expect a seizure. Shannon set up a camera and got herself to a safe place. In the video, which was posted on YouTube, Poppy is seen licking Shannon’s mouth. The video description explains,

“Poppy licks her mouth excessively for 2 reasons. 1, To help Shannon come around quicker and 2, To lick away excess saliva to help prevent her choking.”

Recently, another video went viral in which a stranger petted a seizure-alert dog and while distracted, the dog missed his handler’s on-coming seizure.

Let this be a reminder to everyone of the unique and magnificent work service dogs do for their handlers.

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