Life is stressful, man.

But this man and his Chihuahua seem to have a good thing going on. In this adorable video, the pair does yoga together—the dog follows his master’s lead as they stretch and breathe their way to bliss.

The man who posted this, Nic Bello, has an entire YouTube channel dedicated to yoga with his dog, Pancho. 

As silly as it seems, dog yoga, or Doga, is actually a thing. Certain studios offer partner classes for dogs and their owners, although an Internet search shows it seems to be more popular in the UK than in the United States these days. Still, even as a niche sport, it has its benefits.

“Like yoga, doga balances, harmonizes, purifies and transcends the body and mind of the practitioner,” doga teacher Madhavi Bhatia told The Bark. “What makes doga unique is the practice and benefits that create a harmony and synchronization of energy flow between the owner and dog.”

Hmm, we wonder how harmonizing it is when pets interrupt yoga—see hilarious bloopers here.

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