We were devastated today to hear about passing of comedian and actor Robin Williams. Many remember him as a renegade English teacher, a genie in a bottle, and a high-flying Lost Boy. But at WOOFipedia, we reflect on Robin as a true dog lover and advocate.

His adopted Pug, Leonard, had almost more of a presence than the actor himself on Williams' Instagram page.


Together Leonard and Williams appeared as "Mr. August" in a calendar of dogs and celebrity owners to benefit the Tony LaRussa Animal Rescue.


Leonard and Williams also supported a cancer organization together. 


Williams wrote from the voice of his family's dogs requesting that they "Please Stop Traveling" in a book called Tails of Devotion. Proceeds of the sale of this book benefited five nonprofits dedicated to animal care and rescue.  

(Robin and his family's dogs) 


He also Tweeted/Instagrammed about his assistant's Boston Terrier, Verna Pearl, who was often on set with him. 


He dressed Verna in ridiculous costumes.


Leonard, too. 


He even liked to play with dog toys himself. 


In What Dreams May Come, Robin played a character who entered heaven to meet his deceased Dalmatian, now young again.


We thank him for his dedication to dogs.

We thank him for the laughs. 


Rest in peace, Robin.