Earlier this year, a stray dog wandered into the Milwaukee Brewers' spring-training camp—a wrong turn that's turned out to be a homerun. An executive of the baseball team adopted the dog, who has been named Hank, and put him on the roster as the official team mascot. 

But for a little fluffy furball, he is a big bargainer. After signing him, the team has thrown more than a few perks his way. 

For example: 

He's gotten toys made in his own likeness. 


And his own bobblehead game.



He gets fan mail. 


Gives "paw-tographs."


He gets the girls.


He got a shoutout on Jimmy Fallon.


And he even got something no other MVP can claim: His own personal "Hank House" where he can ruff, ruff, ruff for the home team! 


Looks like this underdog is now batting 1.000!