These four Brits love soccer so much that they would walk 500 miles. And they would walk 500 more. And still more after that. 

And they'd even make a furry friend along the way. 

Adam Burns, Dave Bewick, Pete Johnston, and Ben Olsen set off on a journey of 1,966 kilometers (or about 1,200 miles) from Argentina to the World Cup in Brazil. The distance is symbolic—1966 was the last year England saw victory at this event. 

Slightly more than halfway through the expedition, in Uruguay, a stray dog joined in. The dog started following the group, even sitting under the table in a cafe while the guys ate and waiting outside their tents while they slept. Efforts to shoo the dog away were useless, so finally realizing he was in it for the literal long haul, the foursome became a fivesome. With the dog—who they named Jefferson—by their side, the men completed the last 800 kilometers of the trip arriving in Porto Alegre last Sunday. 

But the best part was yet to come: After seeing the media coverage, a man came forward announcing that Jefferson was his pet, who had been missing. See a video of the pair being reunited here.

"I don't think Walt Disney could have made a more perfect ending," Burns says.

See the official website here.