Realtor Katharine Holland and Travis Bernard liked the concept of real estate videos to show off a beautiful property but were turned off by how boring they tend to be. So the pair, known as the San Francisco Good Life Team, turned to Brian Ray to come up a with unique approach.

Ray, like we here at WOOFipedia, understood this basic fact: Corgis make everything better. He created a video showing a Corgi as the realtor of the home,  showing off the ins and outs of the available property.

“My original idea had a realtor showing the house off to people, and then the Corgi showing up as a prospective buyer,” Ray told WOOFipedia. “The agent would be thoroughly confused, but would still show them the house. The concept evolved to leaving a human out entirely and instead making the Corgi the realtor. This way, we'd accomplish showing off the house but having some humor and cuteness to make the story more captivating. We'd also be able to use the Corgi realtor as a series in the future.”

The four dogs who won roles in the video are Instagram stars, including Chompers, who has more than 54,000 followers. The others were Maki Boo, Bailey, and a young puppy, Ranger.

“Filming with the pups was truly a treat,” Ray says. “The entire time, I felt like I was getting away with something because how could something this fun be possible?”

See the result here: