One of the basic commands that you will want to teach your puppy is to sit. There are two ways to do this. Try them both and see which one your pooch responds best to, then continue working with that method. Don’t forget to reward her when she responds correctly. Keep the sessions short and sweet!

METHOD 1: Stand or sit in front of your pup holding a treat. Use the treat as a lure, put it in front of her nose and say “Sit” as you lift it above her head. Chances are she’ll sit down as she raises her head to get the treat. If she doesn’t sit, put your other hand on her rear end, and guide it toward the earth until she is sitting. You might need to do this a few times until she gets the drift. 

METHOD 2: Bend down next to your puppy. Put one hand behind her rear legs and one on her chest. Say “Sit” and gently apply upward pressure to her chest and her rear knees until she is sitting. 

Be sure to give her the treat and praise her when she sits, no matter what method you used to get her there. Before too long, all you’ll have to do is ask her to sit, and presto, she’ll sit!

Then, move on to teaching the "come" command!