Crate training can simplify housebreaking, and puppies in crates feel safe, like their wild ancestors did curled up in their dens. Just as those wild dogs wouldn’t go to the bathroom in their dens, your pup won’t want to soil her home (unless you keep her in there for too long).

Your doggie’s crate should be big enough for her to stand up, lie down, and turn around inside. It should also be well ventilated. If your puppy is going to grow a lot, you can buy a crate for her adult size, but section off half of it when she’s a puppy so it’s not too cavernous. You can line her little home with blankets to make it comfy. For even more coziness, you can cover the top of it with a crate cover or blanket.

Let your pup spend the nights in the crate, take naps there, and use it as a retreat to take a break when she needs it.

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