Making friends can be tough sometimes. But these dogs show that close encounters of the other kind doesn't mean an interspecies war. 

The recent story of Adele and Chip, the BFF puppy and kitten currently living at a Texas rescue organization, has inspired us to share reasons why dogs don't discriminate their buddies. 


And yesterday we shared the story of a pit bull who nursed a baby kitten as if it were her own.

See, under the right circumstances, kittens can be cuddle buddies as can creatures equine, swine, or bovine. 


It's not only in Budweiser commercials that dogs and horses connect. 


Because when you're a good friend, size doesn't matter. 


Neither does smell. (This is a joke—pigs don't actually smell bad.)


Some are quieter than others. 


Just get them to come out of their shell.


And you'll be friends for keeps. 


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