Laurie Anderson, a musician and experimental artist, visited the set of The Late Show with Steve Colbert to promote her film, Heart of a Dog, and while she was there, she performed a concert for an audience of six dogs. The dogs’ interest in the performance seemed to range in from rapt to distracted to indifferent.

Anderson’s film, which will air on HBO on April 25, focuses on the transition into the afterlife as written about in the Tibetan Book of the Dead and features Anderson’s late husband, Lou Reed, as well as her late Rat Terrier, Lolabella.

Her film was featured in January as part of New York City’s “Midnight Moment” series. To kick off the event, dozens of dog owners braved frigid winter temperatures to bring their pets to Times Square for a concert performed by Anderson. During that show, she played a violin at a low frequency easily heard only be dogs (owners were offered headphones that amplified the sound). See that here.

In 2010, she performed a similar concert in Sydney, Australia, which she discussed with Colbert.

See the performance here: