A murder suspect went on a violent rampage in Atlanta, Georgia yesterday that left him in handcuffs with the help of a family dog.

The suspect was wanted for the murder of a local DeKalb County woman. After the crime, the suspect attempted to flee in his truck, but the engine failed to start. He then tried using the victim's vehicle and shortly totaled it—only making it one mile from the original crime scene.

Now on foot and on the run from the police, the suspect broke into Wilson's home hoping to avoid arrest.

Adra Wilson was upstairs when she heard someone breaking into her home. According to WCNC.com, “She knew it was bad because the family’s bulldog started barking—and he only barks when it’s serious.”

As the Wilson called police and they arranged a rescue operation, the family’s Bulldog kept the intruder from coming upstairs and coming in contact with them.

When police arrived, they rescued Adra from her home and then began the hour-long process of attempting to flush the intruder.

They finally utilized tear gas to cause the man to flee and he quickly ran to police to avoid the dog who had done an excellent and tireless job of protecting his home.

The Wilsons and their pup are safe and the suspect remains in police custody. No further information on the incident or the suspect are being released at this time as a larger investigation—linking these events to a larger crime spree—is underway.