April Fool's! 

Hipster Hound

You’ve probably never heard of this breed—it’s kind of obscure. The Hound in its name is used with irony, as it’s actually a member of the Terrier group. Originating in Portland, Oregon, Hipster Hounds prefer to live in artists’ lofts. Their underground popularity recently gained momentum when Zooey Deschanel and Lena Dunham were photographed thrift-store shopping in Williamsburg with their terriers in tow. The perfect companion for any trust-fund kid, the Hipster Hound eats only locally grown, gluten-free food and prefers not to work. The grooming commitment is minimal, as the breed standard calls for long whiskers and a strong stench.



This massive breed is the masterwork of a Chihuahua breeder and archaeologist who set out to match the size of his dogs to their big personalities. Introducing dinosaur DNA to his line resulted in this breed, the first of the AKC’s new Monster group. Maintenance and care of this breed is costly—Chi-Rexes consume 750 pounds of kibble per day, and cleanup requires a special permit from the local department of sanitation. This gigantic lapdog requires long walks (a cross-country jaunt twice a day should suffice), but at the end of the day loves nothing more than to playfully dangle his owner from the top of a skyscraper.



The ultimate pick-me-up pup, this breed takes canine loyalty to a new level. The Pom-Pomeranian combines the sharp cheering instincts of the Rah-Rah-Rottweiler with the compact size of a toy dog to create this small, spunky four-legged support system. This high-energy breed does well with children and prefers to romp in their natural environment of the playing-field sidelines. Their high-maintenance coats require frequent dusting and de-tangling. They can live peacefully with other breeds, but when multiple Pom-Pomeranians are housed together, they tend to turn cliquey. Also, without proper socialization, they can be aggressive, be, be aggressive.

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