If you're like most of the staff at WOOFipedia, you spend a great deal of time talking to your dog. 

And who can blame you? They might not be able to respond or offer advice, but they are the best listeners. In fact, science just proved they're better listeners than we thought. 

A recent study published in Current Biology supports the growing research showing just how tuned-in to us our dogs really are. (You can read the whole study here.)

By analyzing the way they move their heads, researchers found evidence that dogs may show similar patterns of processing human speech as we do.

When presented with a monotone, robotic voice speaking the “come” command, the dogs turned to the right, suggesting their left hemispheres were at work. Upon hearing unintelligible speech infused with human emotion, they tended to turn to the left, indicating use of their right hemispheres. In humans, the left hemisphere is generally linked with speech processing, while the right is associated with recognizing emotional cues.

Attila Antics, a neurobiologist in Budapest, told NPR that the “dogs are able to differentiate between meaningful and meaningless sound sequences.”

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