Here, see photos of dogs showing their appreciation for servicemen and women, whether by serving alongside them, assisting them upon their return, or keeping watch over the family until they come back home. 

Mr. Lane and Gus


Adam, Special Forces, Deceased



Casey Robbins and Twilight



Franz Ulrich Walkup and service dog Ranger


Hannah Wilmers and Westin


Mr. Bolden


Mr. Gibson with Kona and puppy Reef


Nicole Strauss, Air Force. Here is Nicole with her five pups. The larger dog on the right is Nicole’s PTSD Service Dog and the other four are all registered Therapy Dogs who work with other military members and their families every day.


Rhonda Russell and Bella


Eric Newton with Gunny



Adam Regnier





To those who have served and are currently serving, we thank you. 

See photos of dogs who have served here. 

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