This week, we all tipped our hats to the brave efforts of Figo, a Golden Retriver service dog who jumped in front of a bus to protect his blind handler. Both sustained injuries during the accident.

Another hero entered the story yesterday when an anonymous donor paid the bill for Figo’s veterinary care. In spite of a fractured leg and tissue damage, he’s expected to recover fully.

“Figo is doing well and his tail hasn’t stopped wagging since his arrival,” stated an email WOOFipedia received from the doctors and staff at Middlebranch Veterinary in Carmel, New York, where he is being treated. “It’s still too early to know how long he will be in our care, but we will take care of him as long as it is needed. Our goal is to offer supportive care until he can be reunited with his owner, Audrey Stone.”

It is also unknown if the incident will affect his career as a guide dog. USA Today spoke to Andrew Rubinstein, marketing director for Guide Dog Foundation, who trained and technically owns Figo. "Once they're well enough, the work of the team will be assessed by one of our certified trainers," Rubenstein said. "Is Figo a little timid around traffic? Is he scared to be around traffic? Or is he ready to go back full time?"

Rubenstein added that if Figo seems to have lingering trauma or other issues, he may need to be retired.

We are hoping for a full recovery and that this brave pup gets to keep doing what he so obviously does best. 

Both photos courtesy Middlebranch Veterinary

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