There are a lot of healthy behaviors we can learn from dogs. They live in the moment, they love unconditionally, they forget the past—one might even say they’re pretty “Zen” as a species.

And Alex Cearns, a photographer in Perth, Australia, would agree.

Two years ago, Cearns captured a dog looking blissed out and peaceful during a photo session. It was a lucky shot but one that turned on a lightbulb. 

The idea of dogs appearing carefree and meditative inspired the artist to create her most recent series, Zen Dogs. While photographing dogs who visit her studio, Cearns strives to catch them in a Zen moment—predicting that exact second when they’ll blink, while also appearing to be smiling.

The series has since been turned into a book, which can be purchased here.

See our favorites from the collection below, and check out the artist on Facebook.

Na-mutt-ste, everyone.








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