A nice serene spring day—what better time for a relaxing outdoor adventure with the dog? Well, adventure is exactly what Barney Kook got when he took service dog Luca out on a kayak. The pair set off on the still waters, with a mounted camera capturing their excursion, when suddenly Luca fell off the boat.

With the camera still running, Kook jumped in the water and swam after his dog, grabbing his service-dog vest, and pulling him up to the dock, where they both caught their breath.

See it all here:

When taking your dog out on a kayak (or other water equipment), make sure to bring a life jacket. Also, a veterinarian with Vetstreet recommends having a plan for getting your dog back in the boat should he fall out. She also attaches a leash with a carabineer onto her kayak to minimize the risk of this happening. (Read more of her tips here.

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