For 10 years Delta Airlines has been honoring fallen soldiers by performing ceremonies when transporting remains. And very few people know about it.

This beautiful video was taken two years ago, but it recently started making the rounds online.

The clip shows the transport of the coffins of a fallen soldier and his bomb-sniffing dog, both who were reportedly killed by an IED. Volunteers from the Delta Honor Guard stand at attention and salute as the caskets are carefully lowered.

According the Daily Mail, these ceremonies began in 2005, and the employee-run honor guard has helped with the transport of more than 3,000 fallen soldiers through the Atlanta airport.

“We take great pride in the humbling task of making sure the remains of these military fallen are well cared for as they make their way home,” said Brian McConnell, a member of the honor guard who coordinates the ceremonies. 

See the touching tribute below. 

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